Independence Day Quotes

Independence Day Quotes

Today on 15 August India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day.

So today on this occasion let’s remember some of the quotes on Independence Day

1.Atal Bihari Vajpayee said this quotes- Our aim may be as high as the endless sky, but we should have a resolve in our mind to walk ahead hand in hand, for victory will be ours.



2. Mahatma Gandhi said this quotes- Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?



3. Sardar Bhagat Singh said this quotes- Dil se niklegi na makar bhi watan ki ulfat. Meri mitti se bhi Khusboo-E-Watan aayegi.





Sweden Business Visa

If you are from outside country and if you want to visit Sweden for example as a business purpose then you need a Sweden Business Visa.


Here I am telling the document you need so that you can get Visa easily


1. First thing which you need is a passport and the passport must be valid at least for 6 to 7 month.



2. Then the other thing is a photograph which is must be passport type and the photograph must not be older then 5 to 6 month.



3. Then a full completed Sweden Business Visa application form.



4. Then you need a valid resident Visa and a copy of that.



5. Then you need a current bank statement of your and a copy of that.



6. Then you need an business reference letter which tells that you get an invitation from Sweden company and also a proof of travel insurance coverage, airline booking reservation, Swedish hotel reservations.



So if you this thing then you will face no issue.


australia famous places to visit


Australia Famous Places To Visit

If you have never visited Australia and you are visiting for first time then i am going to tell you some famous place in Australia where you must visit once

1. Melbourne- It is the city which is actually known for its shopping and restaurants. If you love to travel then i suggest you that you must travel to Melbourne once in your life. Now here you can see many thing like Penguins on the Port Phillip Island and the sea koalas at a Raymond island.



2. Sydney – Now after Melbourne, Sydney is again one greatest place to visit. You can visit some place at Sydney like you can climb at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can visit the Blue Mountains, then you can see a concert at a famous iconic Sydney Opera house as well as you can go to the beaches also.


3. Tasmania – Now again this is also one of the great option if you are taking a tour in Australia. In Tasmania you can do a cramping at a cradle mountain.



geography facts about usa

geography facts about usa

Here are some interesting facts about usa

1. Did you know that people in America get much more satisfaction by eating pizza then burger.


2. Did you there is one amazing facts about united states that one of the 7 workers in United States have worked in Mc Donald’s


3. You might be shocked but this is again one more amazing facts about United States that the country does not have its own official language.


4. Did you know that there is one more amazing facts that there is 9 towns in the United States who have more cow then people. Isn’t this fact is amazing.


5. Again this is going to be one more amazing facts about United States that there is one town in America where mules deliver the mails and the name of that town is Arizona.


6. Did you know American are the one who are likely to help stranger more then any other person in the world.





high cpc keywords adsense

high cpc keywords adsense

high cpc keywords adsense

Suppose one thing that everyone wants to know globally is high CPC. Everyone know this thing that if the CPC will be high then on one click only the blogger can generate a good amount. And for earning high CPC is actually necessary. But before moving ahead of you still not understand what is CPC then let me tell you that CPC is cost per click.

high cpc keywords adsense

Suppose someone has came to your website and after reading your article suppose he or she has clicked on your ads which has been shown on your website. Now on clicking of that ads you will get some amount and what amount you will get, what revenue you will get that depends on your keyword and from which country you are get clicking. If you are using good keyword then the revenue generation will be good. If you are using bad keyword then the revenue generation will be less.

high cpc keywords adsense

Here are more top 11 high paying keyword.

Check it below

  1. Insurance CPC $51.91)
  2. Loans: (Top CPC $43.28)
  3. Mortgage: (Top CPC $45.12)
  4. Lawyer: (Top CPC $41.51)
  5. Donate: (Top CPC $41.02)
  6. Degree: (Top CPC $40.62)
  7. Software: (Top CPC $34.29)
  8. Recovery: (Top CPC $40.03)
  9. Treatment: (Top CPC $32.59)
  10. Cord: (Top CPC $36.18)
  11. Blood: (Top CPC $26.80)

high cpc keywords adsense

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