salman khan diet plan

salman khan diet plan

You know it is not at all easy to remain  fit at the age of 53. Because many people starts to have a health related problem from the age of 30 only. And the main reason is they don’t take a proper diet food. They take unnecessary diet food. Have you ever thought how does Bollywood superstar Salman Khan manage to stay fit at the age of 53.  What diet plan he follow actually. So today i am going to tell you the type of diet plan which actually Salman Khan follow. And I think you also must follow this diet plan if you don’t want to have a health related problem in your life. So let’s discuss the diet plan of bollywood actor salman khan one by one

salman khan diet plan


For a diet plan it is very much important to see what are you eating.

1. Breakfast – Did you know how did Bollywood actor Salman Khan starts his day. This question must have been appeared in your mind that how Salman Khan starts his day. Ok so let me tell you that he starts his day with gym. After doing gym he takes four white eggs and low fat milk in the morning.


2. Lunch – Now this question also must have been appeared in your mind that what lunch actually did Salman Khan do. Salman Khan eats five vegetables, salads and grilled vegetables to make it light and nutritious.


3. Dinner – Now this are the the thing which Salman Khan takes in Dinner. He eats two white eggs with chicken or fish along with the serving of soup.


4. Snake – Salman Khan loves to drink protein shake very much. And next he usually snacks on a oats topped with the healthy nuts.


So this are some salman khan diet plan


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