Unknown facts about Alia Bhatt

Facts about Alia Bhatt

With her first movie Student of the year” Alia Bhatt has created the strong impression on audience. Here are some unknown and interesting facts about Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt.


Did you know Alia Bhatt was first seen as child artist in the Sangharsh movie in year 1999. But as many people don’t know about is so many people considet that “Student of the year” is the first debut movie of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt.


Alia Bhatt facts



Alia Bhatt completed her high school from Jamnabai Narsee school situated in Mumbai. Although she was an average student in school but she took part in all the activities.


Alia Bhatt education



Did you know for the movie “Student of the year” she have given audition like 500 other girls and on that she got selected.  But there is one condition that she has to lose weight for the movie. She had almost lost 17 kgs in the three month of auditioning.


Alia Bhatt audition


Supports PETA

Did you know beside of doing an acting she also support PETA. She shots a special advertisement for them in support of homeless animal and cats.


Alia Bhatt support Peta


Fitness Girl

Did you know Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is very conscious regarding her health and she drinks a lot of water to keep herself fit.

Alia Bhatt fitness


Favourite Dish

Her favourite Dish are Dosa, Pasta, Cheese Kheer and Rabri.

Alia Bhatt favourite Dish



Alia Bhatt is a big foodie and loves to eat French Fries very much.


Alia Bhatt foodie



Alia Bhatt loves Yogurt very much and even if she is eating Mexican or Italian food she orders a portion of it.


Alia Bhatt Yogurt


Alia Bhatt family is full of artist. Her father Mahesh Bhatt is a famous director and producer. Her mother Soni has acted in many serials and movie. And her cousin Emraan Hashmi is great actor.

Alia Bhatt family


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