Unknown Facts about Katrina Kaif

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Unknown Facts About Katrina Kaif

First Film

1.Did you know that Boom film was not supposed to be Katrina Kaif first film. She has been first casted by Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt in Saaya movie but later as she couldn’t speak Hindi so she dropped from the film. She then actually made her debut in the Boom movie, in the year 2003.



Katrina Kaif


Price Charged for doing Tamil Movie

2.Did you know one more amazing facts about Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif that  for her Telugu movie Malliswari which was released in the year  2004 she charged Rs 75 lakh, and it is the highest amount paid to any of the female actor at that time, in South film industry.


Only woman to be featured in Forbes in 2013

3. In 2013, Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was the only woman to be featured in a Top 10 of a Indian version of the Forbes. It is a list based on the income and popularity of the India’s biggest entertainer and with an estimated annual earning of more then Rs 50 cr.


Born in Hong Kong 

4. Bollywood industry famous actress Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong but she lived in Hawaii till  14, before moving to  Mumbai. She has travelled across many countries.


British Citizen 

5. Did you know one more amazing facts about Katrina Kaif that she has been living in India for over a decade now, but on being a British citizen, Katrina Kaif works on an employment visa here.


She don’t like to being called Kat

6. Did you know once in an interview it has been asked from Katrina Kaif that if you like to being called Kat and she told that i don’t like it when people used to called me Kat and I really don’t know that who have given me this name.


Favorite Game

7. Did you know there is one game which Bollywood industry glamorous actress Katrina Kaif like to play very much and the name of the game is Chess and she also likes to do painting.



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